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Keeping yourself and others safe at work

Workers need to take reasonable care of their own health and safety, and the health and safety of others, while working. This means following and cooperating with any reasonable health and safety instructions, policies and procedures that you’re given, to stay safe and to make sure you don’t risk the health and safety of others that you come in contact with through your work. 

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How your workplace will keep you safe?

 your workplace must operate in a way that minimises the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Your workplace should be:

minimising, or eliminating if possible, physical interactions among staff and with and between customers

ensuring appropriate health, hygiene and safety measures are in place

restricting activity to only what is essential during the Alert Level period.

These practices include:

limiting, or eliminating if possible, physical interaction with and between customers, eg through online or phone orders, contactless delivery or managed entry (while also avoiding crowding outside), and physical distancing both inside and outside the premises

hygiene basics of hand washing and sanitisers

frequent cleaning of our delivery vehicle's , and other high-touch surfaces

Specific cleaning advice

providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers as appropriate.