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About Us

Our Story

We are a family owned and operated business, based in Christchurch.

We were established in 2006 and have been operating throughout the greater Canterbury region. We've loved every minute of our journey from getting to meet new customers to developing genuine friendships.

We pride ourselves on Reliability, Responsibility and Customer Satisfaction.

Our Mission is to provide an exceptional experience that works around our clients, Residential or Commercial. We do this by offering a popular Same Day Service and competitive delivery rate. We are passionate about bringing our services to you at home.

The Store to your Door

We work with some of the most well known and developed stores around Canterbury. Not only do we offer a door to door service we will go to the next step of putting it where you want in your home and remove the rubbish at a small cost. We take extra care to make sure we get your goods to you in one piece. In case of any mishaps we are fully insured for your peace of mind. 

Assembly Dudes

Assembly Dudes is an extension of Delivery Dudes. Often, we find that when we deliver furniture, customers are unaware that their products are flat packed. Now most people will not have the patience, time or any idea where to start. That’s where we come in! We have experience in this field and can get the job done at an additional small fee. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new purchase.